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Office of Recreation and Park Resources University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Helping Build Healthy Communities




"Accommodatingly brilliant— I needed statistical horsepower to make sense of the survey data I was collecting for our trail impact study, plus a well-regarded reputation for integrity and truthful analysis. ORPR understood how trail studies fit into my mission, and they mobilized this great team of student and staff talent to bring my report credibility and impact. They also brought me along, making sure I understood the correlations and inferences they discovered in my data, and how to communicate them to the world at large. I can stand confidently beside our findings because the route that brought us there came through UofI's ORPR." — Steve Buchtel, Executive Director, Trails for Illinois


"The Frankfort Square Park District was nationally recognized for the sixth time as a Gold Medal finalist by the National Recreation and Park Association. This recognition is primarily due to the FSPD's innovative approach to park management, supported through ongoing collaboration with the Office of Recreation and Park Resources at the University of Illinois (ORPR). The ORPR has partnered with the park district to conduct a 2008 Community-Wide Recreation Survey, and a 2013 Attitude & Interest Community Survey that led to their completion of the park district's 2014 Master Plan. The Frankfort Square Park District has a true partnership with the ORPR, and they continually support park district efforts, answering our calls after the project is complete and the invoice is paid.

"The Frankfort Square Park District and community have benefitted positively through the Office of Recreation and Park Resources' ongoing commitment to quality and service." — Jim Randall, Frankfort Square Park District


"We have had the pleasure of working with the ORPR as part of our master planning and community survey project. They've been able to connect us with other professionals and organizations in the field of Parks and Recreation. The staff has been very knowledgeable. They led the project with their specific expertise while allowing us to have our own personal input, which resulted in a survey that accomplished our objectives. I would highly recommend ORPR to any organization that is embarking on this journey." — Matt Russian, Executive Director, Pleasant Dale Park District


"It's almost like the ORPR staff can read my mind - they anticipate what we want the data to reveal, present it so people will want to read it, and do everything according to highest expectations and standards. The Illinois Community Recreation Facilities & Park Lands Inventory surely is the most complete information source for our state's extensive park and recreation opportunities." — Marla Gursh, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Illinois Department of Natural Resources